Golf Waterproofs

Dedicated Golfers Know How to Play in the Rain

If you balk at golfing on a cloudy or rainy day in the UK then you’re not going to have many opportunities for fresh air or fun. The dedicated golfer is willing to play golf even when the weather is inclement.

But there are ways you can protect your golfing equipment and yourself from the elements.

Golf rain jackets and other waterproof items will help to keep you dry and warm, even on the wettest days.

What Kinds of Waterproof Golf Clothing Can I Buy?

A waterproof jacket is a necessity. These can be zipped up to keep you warm. If it’s a nicer day on your golf weekend, you may wish to buy a men’s golf gilet to keep you warm but that still allows you the full movement of your shoulders and arms.

The jackets are also designed from stretchable and waterproof fabric so you won’t feel your golf swing is impeded by your clothing.

Golf shorts and trousers are also important to add to your golfing outfit. You can buy them in comfortable fabrics that are also wind resistant and waterproof.

Just add a hat and now you’re fully covered from head to toes from the rain and cold.

Can I Find Colourful Waterproof Golf Clothing?

Our site has traditional grey and black golfers’ clothing, but if you prefer a bit of colour, we also have a wide range of colour options in our listings. Here you can find golfer’s waterproof jackets in bright blue and navy blue, or teal and red for those who prefer brighter colours.

Some golf pullovers will be nicely designed with bold neon or turquoise highlights. If you prefer super-bright, there are golf waterproofs in bright men’s neon green rain coats.

This style is sure to make you stand out on a cloudy day on the golf course so your fellow golfers can easily see you on the green.

Where Can I Find Cheap Golfing Waterproofs?

You don’t have to compromise on quality to find cheap golfing waterproofs. There are many manufacturers that are clearing out last year’s inventory to make room for new designs.

You can shop on our Golf Trousers and Clothing sale site to find one item for your next game, or to order complete outfits.

These are still the quality name brand items that you love to wear, so you don’t have to worry you’re buying a cheaply made no-name brand. On our website you can search for the types of clothing or accessories that you need, whether you need golf water proofs, or shoes and accessories too.

What Is the Sizing Range?

Most of the sizing on the waterproof golf clothing is what you’re already familiar with: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Read each description carefully before ordering so you’re not disappointed.

Golf water proofs will help to make your golfing game more relaxing and enjoyable, and soon you’ll completely forget about the rain or cold when you feel comfortable and warm!

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